The market value of the car

on average, rental cars, the carrying value of the contract for insurance

Valuation for the purposes of taxation

on average, notary, help account for the sale of the car, the assessment for taxes and fees

Evaluation of the damaged vehicle

requires the sale of cars after accidents damaged

Why our estimated company?



Performance evaluation as soon as possible, allowing the customer rather use the information contained in Assessment Report

професійна оцінка


we have experience in the evaluation of more than 15 years and perform an assessment of any type of road transport of scooters to special equipment of any complexity injuries

мобільність оцінювача


You do not have to come to us for the review of the car. Upon request appraiser himself will arrive in time and place from you, not only in the city but also in any part of the region

Need a car valuation?

сучасні технології оцінки


we use in the leading European software companies “Audatex”, which is a recognized standard for the calculation of repair vehicle

якість оцінки


quality of the evaluation and documentation relevant legislation of Ukraine, which facilitates further work with the document lawyers, notaries and insurance companies

інформаційна підтримка оцінки

Information Support

information support if you have any questions before, during and after the evaluation. Recommended best lawyers, repair stations, insurance services and service car sales

The estimated loss of the crash

assessment to determine the material damage to the owner of the vehicle when damaged vehicle (accident, deliberate injury)

Evaluation for MTIBU

assessment of material damage to the Motor (Transport) Insurance Bureau of Ukraine

Evaluation of car repairs

used when addressing contentious issues stations and insurance companies when determining the amount of repair

Need assessment of damage after an accident ?

Car insurance

shieldAll kinds of auto insurance

Property valuation

оцінка нерухомостіEvaluation of apartments, houses , villas, industrial real estate , property and equipment

Car from EU

car-from-EUFull service of choice, order and transport the vehicle from the EU at reasonable prices