Property valuation

Expert (independent) valuation of real estate is one of the types of appraisal activity, which includes determining the value of the following real estate objects:

  • The estimation of an apartment, an apartment house, a room, an estimation of a share (part) of an apartment;оцінка нерухомості
  • The estimation of a garage, a parking place;
  • The estimation of trading, office, warehouse, industrial premises;
  • Evaluation of buildings: trade, office, warehouse, production, cultural and social purposes;
  • Evaluation of land plots (developed plots of garden and dacha sites), land plots of any purpose, perennial plantations (gardens, squares, etc.);
  • Assessment of facilities: bridges, overpasses, access roads, reservoirs, roads;
  • Evaluation of unfinished construction.

Expert (independent) assessment of real estate is not only an assessment of the physical characteristics of the land and related improvements. Valuation of real estate is primarily an assessment of the relevant property rights associated with the real estate object. In some cases, the evaluation may require the determination of the value of all property rights, in others only certain rights (for example, the right to lease) can be assessed.
We provide real estate valuation services for such purposes:

  • For the conclusion of contracts of sale and purchase of real estate;
  • When drawing up a gift agreement;
  • When entering into the rights of inheritance;
  • For the conclusion of a mortgage agreement, with the provision of property as collateral;
  • Determination of material damage (bays, fires, other accidents and / or natural disasters), as well as for other purposes.

Independent valuation of real estate is carried out within 1-2 days.